Our Talented Teachers

Instructor - Ed Newkirk

Ed Newkirk

Guitar, Bass

Ed has been playing guitar since he was eight and fell in love with Rock n' Roll guitar in the 50's. He spent nine years studying with a great big band guitar instructor on the East Coast, and then joined him as an instructor. He has over 15 years of experience in teaching all age groups. A master of many styles, Ed teaches all levels of Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz, Bluegrass, Pop, Improv, and beginning classical styles. He provides personalized instruction on tuning, chording, rhythm, picking, soloing, playing your songs and more.

Ed opened for some great acts such as the Moody Blues, Captain Hook, and the Beach Boys. Ed's band was also on the bill with Charlie Rich, Lynn Anderson, and Ray Rice. He is presently playing with Deja Blooze and Swords into Plowshares.

Check out Ed's bands at Deja Blooze and Sword to Plowshares

Instructor - Janice Giteck

Janice Giteck

Composition, Theory, Musicianship, Music History

Janice has been teaching for over forty years, most recently at Cornish College of the Arts, earlier at UC Berkeley and California State University, Hayward. She works with students of all ages and levels, in groups and with individuals. For eight years Janice held summer intensives at Cornish, for young composers ages 13-20. Over the years she has prepped numerous young people for entrance at regional colleges, and music schools around the US. Her core belief is that anyone can pursue and develop their instinctual and creative musical ideas. As well, all can learn the necessary skills to communicate their music to others.

Janice has composed music for concerts, films, multi-media, and has a long list of accomplishments which can be viewed at her website: janicegiteck.com. Most recently she created the "Potlatch Symphony” for the Seattle Symphony during a 2 year residency with SSO and regional Native American tribes. She also was the first woman commissioned by the San Francisco Symphony for TREE. In addition, she has created musical scores for six award-winning feature documentary films including: "Rabbit in the Moon”, aired at many festivals, on PBS and winning Sundance and Emmy awards.

Instructor - Jessica Hargett

Jessica Hargett


Jessica is a Michigan native who is pursuing her music education degree at Western Washington. She holds her music AA from Southwestern Michigan College. Jessica began her musical interests with oboe and piano, but really found her passion in voice through her high school musical theater involvement. She began her classical training in voice at college. Along with formal voice training, Jessica believes that students should find there own vocal style through the guidance of a vocal coach where a student can gain confidence in their performing talent, along with acquiring the tools to continue learning on their own!

Jessica loves softball and tennis, is married to Navy, serving on Whidbey and hopes to make Whidbey her home.

Instructor - John Viljoen

John Viljoen


John hates to get up from the piano keyboard even when he's been practicing for hours at a time. Making music on the piano is not only fun, it can be spellbinding. John's mission is to share that! His goal is to enable you or your child, or better said; you and your child to make music, and feel that excitement! He's been playing the piano since his first lesson when he was in elementary school. In college he studied and performed before the public and fellow musicians. Later, when he had his own business,. John was also at the piano, studying Beethoven, Chopin, Bach, Schubert, among others, and grinding through Hanon exercises. And now he has the distinct privilege of enabling people like you to make music on the piano. Learning the piano requires time, patience and commitment. His instruction is tailored to the individual, based on personal goals and aspirations, as well as the time available. In addition to lessons, his students perform at two recitals a year. These programs are the highlights of piano study. Indeed, participating in a musical performance is something most children and adults remember the rest of their lives.

Instructor - Leanne Long

Leanne Long

Piano & Accompaniment

Leanne began studying piano when she was 4 years old and teaching piano when she was 16. Since 10, she began playing organ for various churches. She attended Western Washington State College from 1968 through 1972, where she earned a BA with a teaching certificate (K-12) in Instrumental Music and Minors in Strings, Voice, and Theory/Counterpoint as well as a B.S. in Piano Performance. Upon graduation, she taught High School in the Kettle Falls School District. She completed her Master’s at the University of Washington in Music. She has had a long affiliation with the South Whidbey School District as a substitute specialty teacher (Music), working as the professional accompanist with the High School Musicals, (1980 to 2004) as well as numerous soloists, instrumentally and vocally.

Leanne has worked as an accompanist through College and continue in that vein, working with some very gifted young musicians. She returned to the Island in 1980, and has been teaching private piano lessons on-island since then, working with beginners through advanced students on technique as well as repertoire and performance skills. She focuses on a classical technique because it opens all other styles as the student becomes proficient. She has also had the pleasure of raising a large family of children, both hers by birth and hers by choice.

"I find the piano to be a wonderful way to introduce children to the world of music. It is easy to play, but hard to play well. It is open to those with perfect pitch as well as those that are tone deaf. Piano is accessible to the very young as well as the older student."

Instructor - Mary Clarity

Mary Clarity

Music Together

Mary Clarity is a pianist, occasional guitarist, ukulele experimenter, music major and mother of 3 terrific little children. She loves to laugh and looks forward to guiding caregivers and their children along their own musical pathway. She is passionate about music and the development of children. Music Together of Oak Harbor will create a fun, informal, social setting that spurs engagement and supports each child’s musical development.

Just click here to find out more about her Music Together classes.

Instructor - Scott Small

Scott Small

Drums, Percussion

Scott draws on 35 years of professional ability; a combination of modern training tools and proven teaching methods will kick your technique, groove, musicianship, and creativity up a notch every week. You'll have your own personal percussion trainer!

After forming a successful rock band in high school, Scott went on to perform with many well-known Pacific Northwest groups spanning every style of music, from jazz to world-beat, soul to rock & roll. He also held the drum chair in large and small jazz ensembles at the University of Washington, Western Washington University, Stanford, and Bellevue College, and studied privately with several of the best teachers in Washington and California.

Currently he's gigging with the Eastside Modern Jazz Orchestra (modern big-band), Bahia (Latin jazz), and Ruzivo (African marimba band), pursuing a busy teaching schedule, and constantly working to improve his own drumming using exactly the same techniques he offers to his students.

Instructor - Sean A. Brown

Sean A. Brown

Brass Instruments

Sean is a free-lance performer, teacher and composer based on Whidbey Island, teaching out of Click Music. He is proficient on performing on all brass instruments, but his primary instrument is the (French) horn. A graduate of Coupeville High School, he has a Bachelor’s degree in Horn Performance from Central Washington University, and a Master’s degree in Horn Performance from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He is an active private lesson teacher for brass players of all types, ages and ability levels. His teaching styles include expanding knowledge of music and instruments, performing to the best of his students' abilities, understanding the psychology of performing, among many other things, including just having a great time playing music. As a performer, he has held numerous positions with regional orchestras, and subbed with others. As a composer, he has 22 completed original works (most of which have been performed) and over 20 arrangements. More information about Sean, including his updated blog posts, can be found at: SeanBrownMusic.com

Instructor - Ward Beebe

Ward Beebe


Ward Beebe is a registered Suzuki Violin Instructor and also teaches Irish and Scottish traditional fiddle. Ward grew up in Tacoma, Wash. and started his musical studies on the piano at the age of seven. At ten, he started playing the violin. He taught himself to play guitar when he was 15 because of an interest in folk and popular music. For the past 30 years he has been very interested in traditional dance music of New England, and the roots of that music including Irish and Scottish traditional music.

Since 1996, he has focused on teaching violin and fiddle. He received his Suzuki teacher training from Vera McCoy-Sulentic, Debbie Goolsby and Liz Arbus. He has taught at the Port Townsend Festival of American Fiddle Tunes, Island Strings Summer Music Camp on Whidbey Island, the Suzuki Association of Washington State Fall Festival, and the Super Suzuki Saturday in Port Angeles. Ward has played on-stage with award winning Irish fiddler Martin Hayes, and master Scottish fiddler Alasdair Fraser. He has also studied with respected Cape Breton fiddlers Buddy MacMaster, Jerry Holland, Carl MacKenzie, Joe Cormier, and J.P. Cormier; the founder of the Festival of American Fiddle Tunes Frank Ferrel and treasured French-Canadian fiddler Lisa Ornstein.