Instrument Rentals


All rentals are rent to own.

Make your monthly payments and the instrument is yours when it is paid off. Your rental payment is an investment in purchasing your child's instrument. You may continue to rent until paid in-full or make a final pay-off at any time. 

Pick your instrument level.

We offer New Instruments, Almost New Instruments, and Used Instruments. Pick the level to get a price that works best for you. 

Pick your payments.

We accept in store payments with cash, check, or credit cards; or we can set you up with automatic credit card payments if you prefer. 

Basic maintenance and repairs included.

Included in your monthly rental is a fee that completely covers basic instrument maintenance and minor repairs. A free loaner instrument will be provided, while yours is being repaired, when available. 

ClickMusic extras.

  • 2 Free Private Lessons - Each rental includes 2 private lessons with a professional instructor. These will help your student develop good playing habits and discover areas that need attention.
  • On-Going Support - Coaching is available throughout the school year when your student needs a bit of extra attention.
  • Get the Summer for Free - Our Early Start Free Summer Rental Program gives beginners the opportunity to use their instrument right away when you sign up for Fall rental. Simply pay for September, October and November, and take your instrument home today.